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Juice it up!!!!


Info: Today’s generation is very curious & wants to try each & every option of enjoyment available in life. On weekends,enjoying with friends at bar lounges is common for this generation. As more & more youth is attracted towards this bar culture, same time, it opens job opportunities for other youngsters i.e. Bar-tending. This is lucrative & glamorous part of the hospitality industry. You can enjoy the night fever with enjoying your job.

Career possibilities: Yes, its for energetic, out of the box youngsters. But can this career have long term value? Yep. It’s not just for youngsters. As a young you can work as a bartender, after age 35-40 you can teach other young people or freelance for parties or bar manager in hotels, teach at the institute, can work in designing menus or pub/bar, can be beverage consultant etc.

Who can do this?: Educational criteria is 10-12th pass. But most important qualities: a pleasant disposition, good interpersonal skills, ability to work in any environment, physically fit to work at unusual times, alert & sharp memory, innovative & flexible to try new things, a passion for the profession

Where to work?:Nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, pubs or on cruise. As a fresher, you can get between 7k to 20k, depends on your personality. After good experience, you can reach 35k-50k or more.

Where to learn?:

  1. Indian Institute of Bartending
  2. Professional Flair Bartending
  3. Advance Mixology & Professional Flair Bartending
  4. Cocktails and Dreams
  5. Stir academy of bartending & many other

Eye catcher: If you develop your qualities over the time, you will get a chance to enter the glamorous international world, which other people only watch on television shows or movies.

(All the data & links shared above is  for information purpose only. Before endorsing, its better to communicate ex-students of respective course & college through different forums)