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for every Queen in you…

imagesHave you ever seen any portrait of Adam & Eve, first man & woman on earth (according to creation myths of Abrahamic religion)? If not, atleast you must have seen 30 seconds advertisement on latest bathing soap company. The similarity in both is, from the very ancient time, man is shown as physically strong, rough & brave one; where woman as beautiful, emotional, modest creation. So it is manifested from years that ‘Taking risk, challenges’ is forte only for ‘Brave’ man, not for ‘Emotional’ woman. Thats why, responsibility of woman is handed over to man blindly…let it be any country, any religion !! As evolution of human being has taken place from homosapien to today’s human, physically; in same way, over the time period, thought process of human has evolved a lot from old one. But still the woman is treated as the belongings of man !!!

Today there are many women like, Mrs. Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), Mrs. Chanda Kochhar (MD & CEO, ICICI) & many others, who came from non-glamorous background & with continuous hard work, done fantabulous job in male dominant sectors. But number of such women are so less; its the tip of submerged everest, above the water. The difference between these some successful women & large number of other women, clearly indicates that women can work in any field as that of men & can perform even better than them, if provided with ideal surrounding to expand their wings.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 8 March, 2015; we, Rotaract Club of Dombivli, in our project “AAJUN TI BANDHANATACH”, spoke with more than hundred women from age group 18 to 40 years. For the question, “Will you cultivate your hobby inspite of opposition from home?” about 71% said ‘Yes, we will cultivate our hobby irrespective of reaction from our home’. 21% said, they won’t be standing against their loved once & will do only what they are told from elders. Remaining women couldn’t choose the side.

The numbers are pretty much satisfying. But we hope, she won’t need to FIGHT for her right. We as a society with modern values, should support her as much as we can. The decision for future of child, should not be biased with gender. Every hobby can be converted in profession, with proper study & guidance. Also, She should not supress her desire to fulfil the dream. We, Rotaract Club of Dombivli, are bound to help each & every woman, who needs guidance to convert her hobby in profession.

Dream big…Speak aloud…Hustle hard…Try till you Win…

Wish you a very Happy Women’s Day !!!!

Thank you for every thing…


Juice it up!!!!


Info: Today’s generation is very curious & wants to try each & every option of enjoyment available in life. On weekends,enjoying with friends at bar lounges is common for this generation. As more & more youth is attracted towards this bar culture, same time, it opens job opportunities for other youngsters i.e. Bar-tending. This is lucrative & glamorous part of the hospitality industry. You can enjoy the night fever with enjoying your job.

Career possibilities: Yes, its for energetic, out of the box youngsters. But can this career have long term value? Yep. It’s not just for youngsters. As a young you can work as a bartender, after age 35-40 you can teach other young people or freelance for parties or bar manager in hotels, teach at the institute, can work in designing menus or pub/bar, can be beverage consultant etc.

Who can do this?: Educational criteria is 10-12th pass. But most important qualities: a pleasant disposition, good interpersonal skills, ability to work in any environment, physically fit to work at unusual times, alert & sharp memory, innovative & flexible to try new things, a passion for the profession

Where to work?:Nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, pubs or on cruise. As a fresher, you can get between 7k to 20k, depends on your personality. After good experience, you can reach 35k-50k or more.

Where to learn?:

  1. Indian Institute of Bartending
  2. Professional Flair Bartending
  3. Advance Mixology & Professional Flair Bartending
  4. Cocktails and Dreams
  5. Stir academy of bartending & many other

Eye catcher: If you develop your qualities over the time, you will get a chance to enter the glamorous international world, which other people only watch on television shows or movies.

(All the data & links shared above is  for information purpose only. Before endorsing, its better to communicate ex-students of respective course & college through different forums)

Retail Management


This is today’s most happening job sectors. As Indian cities are transforming more like western countries; new malls & supermarkets etc are opening on every corner.

In this career, most important things are inter-personal communications, social etiquette.

Salary & Career possibilities: 

  • Sales/Customer Executive: Requires basic knowledge of communication & marketing; Education: 10th or 12th pass; Salary: Rs.  7k & above
  • Floor Manager: working under department manager ; Salary: Rs.15k & above
  • Department manager: Salary 20k & above
  • Assistant manager: Salary Rs. 35k & above
  • Store manager: Salary Rs. 50k & above

Where to learn:

  1. Welingkar Institute
  2. Garware Institute
  3. K J Somaiya Institute of management & research
  4. Indian Retail School
  5. & Others

Where to work: Hypermarkets, supermarkets, like Reliance India, Penatloons, Aditya Birla Retail, Barista, Crossword etc.

Who can do this: Anyone with lots of desire & struggling capacity, with good communication skill & bargaining skills are must. 10th/12th can also apply but your personality should be attractive & having degree/post graduation in this field, is like ‘sone pe suhaga’.

Eye catcher:

Since there is lack of smart, experienced & expert staff in retail so, they are always in search of talented people.

(All the data & links shared above is  for information purpose only. Before endorsing, its better to communicate ex-students of respective course & college through different forums)




Let the story begin…

Baby with degreeIt all started when you took first breath in this world. You all must have seen Aamir Khan starrer ‘3 Idiots’. The first scene is itself explained mindset of the majority of Indian parents & their family. When the child is just born, his father says ‘Mera beta engineer Banega…’. To exaggerate further in that scene, they even decide branch & engineering college for him!! Really, that phase does come in many Indian’s life.

Humans are the most intelligent creatures on earth. We are born & brought up to be intelligent. (That’s why my mom used to scold/beat me to study from the age 4 up to engineering ). It’s not that, they do this with any bad intention. No parent would love to do that. But they want their child to sustain in breath taking rat race, which is going on in the outer world.That’s why lots of money spend on international schools, personal coaching & other facilities. These facilities might change according to the financial status of the family. While preparing them to race, they forget that they are indirectly supporting it. Taking threshold of the target more & more high. According to the newspaper, students with 99% couldn’t get admission in one of the reputed college in Delhi !!
In which direction are we taking our youth?

Every parent want to secure their child’s future. Definition of secured future does include a good source of money. Yes, money is one of the biggest drivers of all this. That’s why to earn more money good amount of money is spent on engineering, MBBS, MBA courses. Though we are in 21st century & completed 66 years of independence, still, according to general Indian standards, engineers & doctors were considered as most acclaimed professions in India. But thankfully, the situation is changing!

Today’s youth thinks differently. They are a smart generation who carries complete world info on their smart phone. They are ready to take challenges. They are well versed with obstacles they may face on

while pursuing their dreams. They are taking risks. And, if you ask about money, well, they also know how to convert their interest in career & then earn sufficient money. That’s why two IITians rejected fat salary MNC job, to start their own online selling website for books & after continuous hard work, successfully raised $ 1 billion funding for their e-commerce site, Filpkart.

There are many examples like this & good news is, a number of startups in India, are increasing. The new government also gazed coming future of India & allocated Rs 10000 Cr fund in the annual budget, for startups. Indian youth is also exploring very different paths as their career & here we are giving you some directions for your dream career. We have shortlisted approximately 125 careers (for the time being), many of which are offbeat.

So keep on reading, this is the time to break all shackles & convert your hobby 2 your career!!

Best wishes for a new journey! The dream journey!

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