Let the story begin…

Baby with degreeIt all started when you took first breath in this world. You all must have seen Aamir Khan starrer ‘3 Idiots’. The first scene is itself explained mindset of the majority of Indian parents & their family. When the child is just born, his father says ‘Mera beta engineer Banega…’. To exaggerate further in that scene, they even decide branch & engineering college for him!! Really, that phase does come in many Indian’s life.

Humans are the most intelligent creatures on earth. We are born & brought up to be intelligent. (That’s why my mom used to scold/beat me to study from the age 4 up to engineering ). It’s not that, they do this with any bad intention. No parent would love to do that. But they want their child to sustain in breath taking rat race, which is going on in the outer world.That’s why lots of money spend on international schools, personal coaching & other facilities. These facilities might change according to the financial status of the family. While preparing them to race, they forget that they are indirectly supporting it. Taking threshold of the target more & more high. According to the newspaper, students with 99% couldn’t get admission in one of the reputed college in Delhi !!
In which direction are we taking our youth?

Every parent want to secure their child’s future. Definition of secured future does include a good source of money. Yes, money is one of the biggest drivers of all this. That’s why to earn more money good amount of money is spent on engineering, MBBS, MBA courses. Though we are in 21st century & completed 66 years of independence, still, according to general Indian standards, engineers & doctors were considered as most acclaimed professions in India. But thankfully, the situation is changing!

Today’s youth thinks differently. They are a smart generation who carries complete world info on their smart phone. They are ready to take challenges. They are well versed with obstacles they may face on

while pursuing their dreams. They are taking risks. And, if you ask about money, well, they also know how to convert their interest in career & then earn sufficient money. That’s why two IITians rejected fat salary MNC job, to start their own online selling website for books & after continuous hard work, successfully raised $ 1 billion funding for their e-commerce site, Filpkart.

There are many examples like this & good news is, a number of startups in India, are increasing. The new government also gazed coming future of India & allocated Rs 10000 Cr fund in the annual budget, for startups. Indian youth is also exploring very different paths as their career & here we are giving you some directions for your dream career. We have shortlisted approximately 125 careers (for the time being), many of which are offbeat.

So keep on reading, this is the time to break all shackles & convert your hobby 2 your career!!

Best wishes for a new journey! The dream journey!

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